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PL 22.11.2011 - Mike Korbik (mikko) - Guitars Galore

  1. The Boys - Happy Days (Cleversound, UK/1988)
  2. The Darling Buds - Hit The Ground (Epic, UK/1989)
  3. Voice Of The Beehive - I Walk The Earth (London, UK/1988)
  4. The Gift Horses - Learning To Bring Yourself Down (Pop-I, UK/1987)
  5. Ups And Downs - Moments Away (Mushroom, AUS/1988)
  6. Julian Cope - Charlotte Anne (Island, UK/1988)
  7. Nick Rudd's Blown - One In A Million (Parasol, USA/1991)
  8. The Aardvarks - Buttermilk Boy (Detour, UK/1999)
  9. Drugstore - Modern Pleasure (Rough Trade, UK/1993)
  10. Hope Organ - Young Girl (Ingreat Records, USA/1991)
  11. Gumball - Girl Don't Tell Me (Get Hip, USA/1992)
  12. Hillman Minx - Heavens Above (Mercury, UK/1998)
  13. Dodgy - If You're Thinking Of Me (A&M, UK/1996)
  14. The Hybirds - Stranded (Heavenly, UK/1997)
  15. Annie Christian - Kiss The Day Goodbye (V2, UK/1998)

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